10 Steps to 10k on Instagram

I started The Strong Mom Blog on June of 2018 and this past weekend I hit 10k on my Instagram account. Now, if your unaware, 10k is huge. It is when you can really start to monetize your business and you gain access to things like the “Swipe-Up” feature. I asked you all on my Instagram @strongmom_blog, if you wanted a post on 10 steps to 10k and I had an overwhelming response. Not only that, but I get DM’s all the time from you guys about my strategy. So here are the top 10 things that I did in order to grown my Instagram organically.

  1. Perfect your Profile Picture. – Your profile picture is the first thing that people see. When you comment, like or follow someone you show up in their notifications as your profile picture. People are instantly going to judge you and your profile based on this one deciding factor. When people are going through their list of followers or who they are following, they are going to be drawn to the accounts with appealing profile picture. No selfies, no grainy images, no bad lighting, no logos.
  2. Make sure your feed is Esthetically Pleasing – I highly suggest downloading the Lightroom App and purchasing some presets. Essentially presets are something you can copy and paste onto your image in order to enhance them and make them look more appealing. Pick one look and stick with it. I highly suggest keeping your feed light, bright and airy.
  3. Pick Your Niche – And stick to it. If your posting about dogs, post about dogs. Are you a photographer? Then post about photography. I myself have chosen motherhood and all the things that go along with it. As you grow and progress you can add a little bit of this and that, but at the beginning be diligent with your niche.
  4. Post Frequently – I mean like EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. & preferably at the same time. Consistency is key. Out of sight out of mind could no be more applicable with social media. I once took a two month hiatus from IG and lost over 1000 followers and my engagement plummeted. (Engagement = likes, comments, saves and share on your content).
  5. Always Have a Call to Action – If your posting to your stories (which I highly suggest doing daily) make sure to add hashtags and have a call to action. Ask a question, post a poll, tag people. geolocation all of the above! On your feed posts, have meaningful captions and always ask your readers to “double tap”, tag someone, or have them answer a question.
  6. HASHTAGS – Use specific and niche oriented hashtags. I highly suggest checking out who your favorite accounts are tagging and use some of those hashtags. I recommend using between 15 and 25. Also, don’t use the same hashtags over and over again. It makes the algorithm think you might be a bot. Also, use hashtags that have a smaller number of followers. This way your more likely to be seen at the top of the hashtag feed.
  7. Spend 30 Minutes a Day Engaging and Following – I spent between twenty to thirty minutes a day finding accounts that I liked that had around the same number of followers as me or less. I followed 20 accounts and liked their last 5-10 photos and commented on them as well. Engage, Engage, Engage. Go follow people who have been engaging on your posts. Engage with people who follow accounts similar to yours. This will help boost engagement in your niche.
  8. Engagement Pods & Giveaways – So, I genuinely LOVE engagement pods. Ask some of your favorite accounts in your niche if they know of any good ones. If not, then start your own! (That’s another post for another day). I like giveaways a lot, but your ROI might not be worth it if a bunch of people are going to unfollow you after the fact. I suggest keeping your giveaways small and niche oriented (and to a minimum).
  9. Content is Key – Don’t just post a pretty picture with an emoji as your caption. Make valuable, vulnerable and relatable captions that give your audience something to follow you for. I would honestly rather not post at all for the day if I don’t have anything to say.
  10. THE FIRST HOUR – For the first hour after you post make sure that you reply to all your comments. Make sure that you send your link to any engagement pods you might be part of. The more engagement your post gets in the first hour, the better changes that IG will boost your post higher up on your hashtags as well as even the explorer page. DO NOT edit your post. EVER. As soon as you edit your post (spelling mistake or something) IG resets the engagement count on your post. This is such a waste.

Hope yawl enjoyed this post! Please feel free to share with other bloggers or Instagram influencers. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me or DM me! Happy Wednesday!

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